Book Shepherd: I will edit the manuscript, design the interior, format it for publication, create the cover, and upload it to digital and print platforms.

Ghostwriting: I will ghostwrite content for novels, textbooks, blogs, websites, white papers, B2B content, and B2C content.

Proofreading and editing: I offer both proofreading and line editing.

Substantive editing: I will edit for flow, voice, and narrative.


“I was referred by mere luck to Dan O’Brien by my best friend—a professor of sociology in the University of California system, who only knew about Dan’s brilliance as a university teaching assistant in his department. As a first-time writer, I was lost in the publishing world without a sense of what to do next. Dan saved the entire project and assiduously took charge of every imaginable aspect of the whole publishing process. His range of skills is incredible! I could not have published my first book of this series without his devoted guidance, clever coaching, technological wizardry, editorial savvy, marketing and promotional prowess, and steady encouragement! In my opinion, Dan O’Brien is absolutely the best person imaginable to take on the entire publishing process and beyond, until success is assured.”

“Dan O’Brien is a fabulous website developer, editor, promoter, and all-around go-to guy for anything digital or editorial for books, websites, and media promotion. He does it all, quickly and with a smile. If you want something changed, he’ll change it. His suggestions are good. I love the way he edited my book, designed the cover, and uploaded the whole shebang to CreateSpace. I also love my webpage. I highly recommend him for anything book, media, or website related. You won’t be disappointed.”

“I had always dreamed of writing a book but never knew where to start. When I was done with the first book, the next step was publishing. That’s when I met Dan O’Brien. Not only did he publish the book for me and added it to Amazon and Kindle, he also edited the book. For anyone with dreams of publishing their first book, Dan is definitely the way to go.”

“I’ve been working with Dan over the past several months and am completely satisfied with the knowledge Dan shares, and his professionalism. It has been such a benefit to me personally as a writer, because Dan’s strong work ethic keeps me on track with my projects. The guidance I receive is allowing me to move forward in a timely manner, which helps keep my writing projects on schedule. I’m thankful there is an affordable service available like Amalgam Consulting!”

“I recently used Dan’s editing services for a book I am in the process of publishing. I have used editors before and expected the same treatment of my work as they gave me. I would have to go over it again making additional changes to make sure the writing was what I wanted, and not changed to what the editor wanted. I was pleasantly surprised with Dan’s work because he managed to pick up on my style and strengthen it. So as I re-read my work, I kept saying to myself: “Yessss! It is my work.” In fact, though I know he made a lot of changes, try as I could, I could not tell where they were without going back to the original transcript. I intend to use him for all of my future writings.”

“Thank you Dan for being so helpful, prompt, knowledgeable, and instrumental in getting my book published on time. You were a pleasure to work with.”

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