Comics Corner: The First Week of July

Comics Corner: The First Week of July

I got into collecting comics in the late 1980s. Unfortunately, I lost my collection in a vehicle fire while moving in 1997. For decades, I didn’t bother collecting again, as it felt like a lost cause. However, my love for comics never waned.

This year, I decided I wanted to start again. I love talking about comics, so a weekly post about my pull list for the week felt like a great idea. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The War of the Realms event is over (even though I had a tie-in book left over), so this week’s selections were a mixture of ongoing runs as well as something new. (I was very excited to check out Aero #1.)

1. Dceased #3

This continues to be one of my favorite limited series of the year. The perfect mix of drama and horror sets the stage for a fast-moving story that (for the most part) manages to feel like it is telling a part of a larger story and leaving us with a requisite cliffhanger. My only real complaint is that since it is a universe-wide event, there are more heroes than they can reasonably spend time with. The artwork is paired well with the kind of storytelling I enjoy.

RECOMMENDED. Looking forward to more!

2. Batman and TMNT III #3

I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I love Batman. This series (the third one over the years) has an incredible twist. The story is fantastic and the artwork is pitch perfect for the narrative. I love the reframing of Batman as being rasied alongside the TMNT by Master Splinter. I love the Smile Clan led by the Joker. This series is fantastic!


3. Aero #1

Truth be told, I was looking forward to this book. While reading War of the Realms, I picked up the New Agents of Atlas tie-in books and was introduced to Aero. I really enjoyed what the first issue had to offer: the writing was tight and left just the right amount of mystery leading up to the next issue (on shelves August 7th). It is a nice non-Western perspective to the superhero genre. The artwork reminded me a lot of manga, which I felt was a nice touch. The team-up story toward the end (written by the amazing Greg Pak) was a nice continuation of where New Agents of Atlas left off. The artwork here was different, but great as well. Overall, I would recommend Aero going forward if you’ve enjoyed Greg Pak stories in the past or are looking for something new.

RECOMMENDED. Really enjoyed it!

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer #6

I was a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it was on TV. The idea of a reboot intrigued me. Six issues in and I am most assuredly hooked. The writing is fun and the artwork really helps move the story along. I like a lot of the changes to the details of Buffy’s world while keeping the mythos largely intact. Willow starts out closer to the badass we’ve come to expect and Xander is improved as well. I’m a fan.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I’ll keep reading until they stop making issues. 

5. Doom Patrol: Weight of the World #1

I am a fan of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, so this new run written by Gerald Way piqued my interest. It didn’t disappoint. The story is deliciously strange and the artwork is exactly what it should be. My previous experience with Doom Patrol as comics is decades removed, but I really enjoyed this issue. I look forward to more.


6. Lois Lane #1

What immediately set this issue apart from everything else I read this week was its timely nature. Lois Lane is the hard-hitting journalist in the pursuit of truth, and it is set very much in the current political climate. The writing is top-notch and the artwork reminds me of Gideon Falls (which is exceptional). There is a lot to love here, but perhaps what I enjoyed the most was that this story was told without the lens of Superman. Don’t worry, Superman plays a role, but in a way that feels truer to telling the story of Lois Lane, dogged reporter.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Can’t wait for the next issue!

7. The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Annual #1

My first exposure to Ms. Marvel was during War of the Realms. I was looking forward to reading more, and this book DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I loved the writing and the artwork. Kamala is endearing, but confident and self-assured as well. I am officially hooked on Ms. Marvel.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Can’t wait to read more!

8. Savage Avengers #3

For the most part, I’ve been enjoying his series. It is a bit slow despite having a lot of violence and action. The artwork is perfect for the kind of storytelling, but pairing Conan, Wolverine, Punisher, Venom, and Elektra seems a bit much in order to really deliver on any of them. Regardless, I liked this issue. It finally saw the full team-up aspect promised by the covers. Conan and Wolverine continue to shine from a storytelling perspective.

RECOMMENDED. I want to see where it goes. 

9. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #46

I enjoyed the first tie-in issue with War of the Realms, but this issue came a week too late perhaps. Since the event already concluded, this ongoing adventure felt a bit out of place. I don’t hold it against it per se, but I enjoyed it less than the previous two issues. Overall, I like the quirky artwork and thoroughly enjoy the dialogue and storytelling style. I might consider picking up with the series now that the event is over to see where it goes.


10. Green Lantern #9

I’m a fan of Grant Morrison’s writing style. The artwork reminds of Heavy Metal in the 8os and 90s. I continue to enjoy the stange adventures of Hal and the cosmic threats that he encounters. This issue had an interesting twist in regards to another lantern Hal knew well, and it portends an interesting storyline going forward. I jumped into this series late and read the first five issues back to back, so reading a single issue left me wanting more.

RECOMMENDED. Continues to hold my interest. 

11. Soldier Supreme (Secret Warps Part 1) Annual #1

I didn’t expect much going into this issue. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The absurdity of the “warped” heroes makes for interesting storytelling. The Soldier Supreme (Dr. Strange and Captain America) is as righteous and arrogant as you would expect their amalgam to be. I liked the artwork for both stories, but enjoyed the character arcs in the first story better. The notion of a universe within the soul stone interested me on a philosophical level.

RECOMMENDED. A lot of fun and I look forward to more Marvel annuals.

12. Superman: Up In The Sky #1

Superman has always been one of those books where I’m not particularly invested. Largely, it’s because Superman is about the margins for me. He is more than his power; he’s a person. When stories bend toward his humanity in spite of his power, I find them interesting. I picked up this issue because I thought it was a one-shot. However, it looks like it is a mini-series of sorts. I didn’t expect much, but I honestly enjoyed it. Framing a story around how people see Superman, and him internalizing that, made for a a compassionate narrative. Overall, I enjoyed the story and the artwork.

RECOMMENDED. Interested to see where it goes. 

13. Fantastic Four: The Prodigal Son #1

I loathe to speak ill of a comic book, so I won’t here. However, I grabbed this issue on a whim. It has been a long time since I read Fantastic Four, so I wasn’t sure what I would be getting. The writing was solid, but the story didn’t grab me. The artwork conveyed a narrative well and I enjoyed the color usage. Overall, this book wasn’t for me. However, if you’re a fan of FF, then you would likely enjoy it.


My favorites for this week were: The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Annual #1Lois Lane #1Dceased #3, Batman and TMNT III #3, and Doom Patrol: Weight of the World #1.

Since I’m just getting back into comics, if there is an upcoming series you think I should check out, please let me know in the comments!

DC Should Tackle Batman Beyond Next And Cast Donald Glover

DC Should Tackle Batman Beyond Next And Cast Donald Glover

Nerds of the world will recall Batman Beyond as a refreshing animated take on the Batman mythology. We were gifted with an incredible Batman animated series in the 90s that stands the test of time. (Don’t believe me? Go back and check it out.)

Here are some reasons why DC should tackle a Batman Beyond movie next:


They can stop rehashing the same story. Even Nolan’s trilogy was beholden to the rogue’s gallery of villains and characters that had previously existed in the Batman movie universe. Whether it is the Joker or Catwoman, they have to be reinvented in a new decade, but much of the story remains the same. In setting a movie in the future, you can create a new set of villains and characters in this  version of Gotham. For too long has the detective aspect of the character been absent on the big screen, but a reboot in the future could allow for new methodology. An aging Bruce Wayne would be playing mentor and watch tower for a younger Batman: this means new challenges and methods for overcoming problems.



Recast Bruce Wayne. Since this version of Bruce Wayne would be an older man, you have an entirely different set of actors from which to choose. There would be no need to hire the en vogue  actor who is going to provide an appeal to key demographics. You could cast based on the needs of the character, which would no longer be purely (or predominantly) physical; the detective aspect of the character would be more important, as well as being a mentor. I think it would be interesting to bring back Michael Keaton as an older, grumpy version of Wayne.


Add diversity to the story. Not to be a prisoner of the moment, but Donald Glover is fantastic. I’m one of the many fans who would have loved to see him play Spider-Man on the big screen. Sure, he got a cameo, but that’s not the same thing. Can you imagine a movie where Michael Keaton plays mentor to a snarky Donald Glover in the ultra-tech version of the bat suit? If you don’t want to go with Donald Glover (or perhaps he wouldn’t be interested in it), then utilize some diversity by casting a person of color.