Haiku Review: iZombie (S3E5)

Credit: iZombie Wiki

Dominance guides them

As memories fade to black

In a world on edge

iZombie continues to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite, show on TV. The acting is top notch as always. Rose McIver is wonderful again, taking on yet another personality with ease. Robert Buckley is sadness personified. Malcolm Goodwin remains powerfully stoic and humorous and somber as he deals with how much his life has changed and been affected by Team Z. (Also, I loved yet another GoT reference.) A great episode that portends even greater things in the future. 

Haiku Review: The Flash (S3E20)

Credit: Comingsoon.net

Winter comes in May

Revealing the cost of love

As our sense of Self

Great episode that finally reveals the identity of Savitar. If you were watching carefully, you could follow the breadcrumbs to solve the mystery. Really sets up the end of the season well.