DC Should Tackle Batman Beyond Next And Cast Donald Glover

Nerds of the world will recall Batman Beyond as a refreshing animated take on the Batman mythology. We were gifted with an incredible Batman animated series in the 90s that stands the test of time. (Don’t believe me? Go back and check it out.) Here are some reasons why DC should tackle a Batman Beyond movieContinue reading “DC Should Tackle Batman Beyond Next And Cast Donald Glover”

Perd Hapley is a Dimension-Traveling Alien

If you’re like me, then you have a strong and abiding love for Parks & Recreation. I can admit that it is one of my favorite comedies in recent memory, due in large part to the brilliant casting and writing. And Ron Swanson, always Ron Swanson. However, I came to an interesting realization the other day:Continue reading “Perd Hapley is a Dimension-Traveling Alien”

Why I’m A Coward

We all have something that we really want in our lives. Perhaps it is a dream that we actively and purposefully ignore; maybe it is something just on the periphery of our awareness. In my opinion, either we are honest about what we really want or we allow ignorance of it to guide our actions.Continue reading “Why I’m A Coward”

Procrastinate Procrastination (Or How I Learned to Love Setting Goals)

There are countless articles spread across the vast universe that is the internet on how to eliminate procrastination; to put a finer point on it, all that has been said on the subject has been studied, collated, optioned, and opined about. We all know that procrastination is kryptonite for successful business practices (and not toContinue reading “Procrastinate Procrastination (Or How I Learned to Love Setting Goals)”

Full Court Press: Chasing the Gold Medal Since 1992

(An important note: standard deviations and effect size were purposely left out of the reporting of the statistics for ease of reading) An Overview When the conversation began to build and people started to take sides, I decided that I wanted to investigate the 1992 Olympic Men’s Basketball team, affectionately known as the Dream Team,Continue reading “Full Court Press: Chasing the Gold Medal Since 1992”