The Marketing Blues

Writing a book is difficult; revising and editing is an odyssey. However, marketing looms large, hanging around your neck like an anchor. Indie authors face an uphill battle. There are hundreds of thousands of new books created each year across a myriad of genres. Depending on the pool you dive into, you may (or mayContinue reading “The Marketing Blues”

On Strong Female Characters, Face-less Heroes, and Myriad Personalities

When I started writing Sixth Prime, I decided early on to do something very deliberate: I would make half the main characters women; I would make sure the personalities better reflected the myriad of the human experience; and I would describe characters without using skin color or any physical identifiers. You might be wondering: what exactlyContinue reading “On Strong Female Characters, Face-less Heroes, and Myriad Personalities”

Is impatience the real enemy of reaching your goals?

If you are like most writers, the excitement of writing a book can very nearly be everything you need to finish and publish, to reach your goal. In many ways, this is true of all goal-setting behavior. I was lamenting the other day that I really wanted to be done with Sixth Prime (seriously, click andContinue reading “Is impatience the real enemy of reaching your goals?”