Perd Hapley is a Dimension-Traveling Alien

If you’re like me, then you have a strong and abiding love for Parks & Recreation. I can admit that it is one of my favorite comedies in recent memory, due in large part to the brilliant casting and writing. And Ron Swanson, always Ron Swanson. However, I came to an interesting realization the other day:Continue reading “Perd Hapley is a Dimension-Traveling Alien”

On Strong Female Characters, Face-less Heroes, and Myriad Personalities

When I started writing Sixth Prime, I decided early on to do something very deliberate: I would make half the main characters women; I would make sure the personalities better reflected the myriad of the human experience; and I would describe characters without using skin color or any physical identifiers. You might be wondering: what exactlyContinue reading “On Strong Female Characters, Face-less Heroes, and Myriad Personalities”

Is impatience the real enemy of reaching your goals?

If you are like most writers, the excitement of writing a book can very nearly be everything you need to finish and publish, to reach your goal. In many ways, this is true of all goal-setting behavior. I was lamenting the other day that I really wanted to be done with Sixth Prime (seriously, click andContinue reading “Is impatience the real enemy of reaching your goals?”

Why I’m A Coward

We all have something that we really want in our lives. Perhaps it is a dream that we actively and purposefully ignore; maybe it is something just on the periphery of our awareness. In my opinion, either we are honest about what we really want or we allow ignorance of it to guide our actions.Continue reading “Why I’m A Coward”

The Psychological Advantage

According to Forbes, 39.2% of psychology majors coming right out of college had an offer for a job somewhere. Of course, the knowledge and skill base of your average graduate is pretty variable, but it does speak to the utility of a background in psychology. Most companies, at some point or another, fall into aContinue reading “The Psychological Advantage”

Procrastinate Procrastination (Or How I Learned to Love Setting Goals)

There are countless articles spread across the vast universe that is the internet on how to eliminate procrastination; to put a finer point on it, all that has been said on the subject has been studied, collated, optioned, and opined about. We all know that procrastination is kryptonite for successful business practices (and not toContinue reading “Procrastinate Procrastination (Or How I Learned to Love Setting Goals)”

Changing of the Guard: What Behavioral Marketing Has to Become

What it was Behavioral marketing is still the go-to for major companies, as well as smaller professionals. The purpose being very simple: use information to tailor a personal experience instead of bludgeoning people with the same message time and again. The digital age helped usher in this type of advertising, as analytics and cookies overtookContinue reading “Changing of the Guard: What Behavioral Marketing Has to Become”

Cut the Spam and Offer Value

We have all experienced the deluge of spam emails from companies we have subscribed to with the good-faith idea that we would be getting value, not fluff. On the other hand, many business professionals have been in the unenviable position of knowing that an email marketing campaign converts (and they really do), but not reallyContinue reading “Cut the Spam and Offer Value”

The customer is not always right

One great colloquialism has ruled business as long as there has been commerce: the customer is always right. While being exhaustively customer-facing can be lucrative, there is a real possibility for burnout and creating distance from your core values. The long-term success of a business depends on emotional and financial currency, though not always inContinue reading “The customer is not always right”