The Marketing Blues

Writing a book is difficult; revising and editing is an odyssey. However, marketing looms large, hanging around your neck like an anchor. Indie authors face an uphill battle. There are hundreds of thousands of new books created each year across a myriad of genres. Depending on the pool you dive into, you may (or mayContinue reading “The Marketing Blues”

Procrastinate Procrastination (Or How I Learned to Love Setting Goals)

There are countless articles spread across the vast universe that is the internet on how to eliminate procrastination; to put a finer point on it, all that has been said on the subject has been studied, collated, optioned, and opined about. We all know that procrastination is kryptonite for successful business practices (and not toContinue reading “Procrastinate Procrastination (Or How I Learned to Love Setting Goals)”

Changing of the Guard: What Behavioral Marketing Has to Become

What it was Behavioral marketing is still the go-to for major companies, as well as smaller professionals. The purpose being very simple: use information to tailor a personal experience instead of bludgeoning people with the same message time and again. The digital age helped usher in this type of advertising, as analytics and cookies overtookContinue reading “Changing of the Guard: What Behavioral Marketing Has to Become”